Aloe Vera

The Wonders Of Aloe Vera
By Tony Luck
Aloe Vera has been called ‘The Burn Plant’, ‘The Silent Healer’. ‘The Medicine Plant’, ‘The Miracle Plant’ and other complimentary names.

From these descriptions one would conclude that has many useful medicinal properties, and indeed it has. However, such is the power of the regulatory authorities around the world that it is not possible to claim that will successfully treat a particular condition unless a pharmaceutical company spends many millions of dollars on tests. This is a pity. Such companies are not able to copyright Aloe Vera, so there is no incentive for them to spend the money to conduct the required tests. Consequently, remains on the periphery of medicine, restricted to being ‘an alternative medicine’.

One area where has gained considerable reputation is in the cosmetics world. ‘Contains Aloe Vera’ is frequently seen on skincare products and is viewed as an enhancement. Rightly so, as can work wonders for your skin over time.


favourite story about the effect of on skin comes from a doctor in the UK. While researching at Oxford University, he met with an American physician who worked with aloe products for 30 years. Being right-handed, he applied the aloe to the back of his left hand with the fingertips of his right hand to test texture, smell and penetrability. He now claims to have one old hand and one young one. Indeed, the back of his right hand is typical of a seventy year old with thinning, wrinkled skin and a variety of blemishes. The back of his left hand is clear and smooth and looks 30 years younger.

New uses for this remarkable plant are being found. Earlier this year a fruit packing company in Spain started to coat their fruit in Aloe Vera. The coating considerably lengthens the shelf life of the fruit without affecting its appearance or taste.

However, it is as a health product that really excels and I recommend that you research how you could benefit from a daily dose of juice.
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