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Home Remedies For Diabetes Type 2 - Do They Really Work?
By Amy Harwell
If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, you know there is no cure for diabetes mellitus. It is often thought of as a lifestyle disease, since it can affect many parts of the body, including vision, the heart, and more. However, many people have been able to lead normal healthy lives by managing their diabetes with home remedies for diabetes type 2, natural cures, and other types of alternative treatments. Obviously, no treatment should be started without speaking with your doctor first.

Home remedies in particular are popular as many of the supplies needed have a low cost. In fact, many common ingredients from the grocery store contain benefits that are helpful for diabetes sufferers. Researchers are currently studying a wide variety of plants in order to isolate the compounds that can help with diabetes.

The are many popular combinations in herbs, often found in Chinese herbal medicine that have lowered levels of excessive blood sugar for many. For example, a mixture

of turmeric, powdered amla, and fenugreek when taken with honey three times a day is a popular home remedy.

Other examples of popular herbal remedies are cinnamon, ginseng, and aloe vera.

Garlic has a wide variety of known anti-oxidant properties. Garlic also acts to lower blood sugar by blocking the inactivation by the liver of insulin. It also has a number of trace minerals, such as zinc and magnesium that are also beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

Bitter Melon
Taking a small amount orally of this unripe fruit has been shown to be effective for lowering blood sugar levels. This is a well-known and popular treatment for keeping these levels in check.

While there are a variety of treatments available, its best to work from a comprehensive plan in order to effectively lower your blood sugar and live with type 2 diabetes. By taking the time to research and implement a home treatment plan, you'll have better results than a scatter shot effect.
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