Aloe Vera

What Are The Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera?
By Karina Jacobsen -
Aloe Vera is a plant of the liliaceous genus of which the lily and onion are examples. The plant has toothed fleshy leaves that yield a gelatinous substance. goes way back in time. It has been given exotic names like Wand of Heaven and Plant of Life. These terms indicate the esteem that the plant was held in. The Greeks used it widely. Alexander, it is said, applied the juice from the leaves to the wounds of his soldiers. The Romans used it, as did the Egyptians. Cleopatra, ever conscious of her beauty anointed her skin with many concoctions. Among the products used was aloe vera. It seems to have been used in the Asian cultures of bygone days too. Evidence is found of usage in the ancient texts of China and India. Today if you have a burn wound, skin irritation or an abrasion, you can break a piece of an leaf from your garden and apply the gel that oozes out to the area concerned. People hold that it alleviates vaginal irritability, as well.

As a salve, has proven effective. However, there have been no conclusive results as to whether the substance helps if taken internally. The juice is extracted from the leaf. It is yellowish and turns brown when exposed to the sun. When dry, the substance turns into granules, which are used to formulate medicines. There are claims that relieves constipation. Many laxatives in drugstores sell prescriptions

that contain aloe latex. In the intestine, the drug cleans out the residual food, relieves puffiness, stress and uneasiness.

Aloe vera is said to cure ulcers of the mouth and stomach. It is used as a remedy for headaches and coughs. Arthritics have found relief and diabetics swear to the potency of this remedy. Aloe vera, when taken as a drug however, is not without side effects. Diarrhoea, pain and electrolyte instability are common conditions that result from having consumed medications containing aloe vera. can be used in its preserved form. However, if it is taken off the plant, the extract should be used immediately.

The cosmetic industry uses widely. Many moisturizing lotions contain the ingredient. In fact, people choose cosmetics that contain ‘age defying’ aloe vera. Besides hydrating the skin, it lays claim to regenerating collagen and elastin producing cells, leading people to believe that creams and lotions containing help their skin remain soft and smooth much longer than it normally would.

All things considered, while works wonders for external injuries, the efficacy or indeed the benefits if taken internally is open to question. As an emollient, it probably has some effect, judging by the number of cosmetics touting the ingredient. As to its power to rejuvenate and keep a person forever young, time alone will tell!
Karina Jacobsen is a staff writer at Natural Foods Digest and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Alternative Health Advisor.

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