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Boy Butter Introduces The E Z Pump Lubricant
By Kelly Renaul
A large line of popular Boy Butter formulas that are out on the market are available now in a convenient and easy to use pump bottle. There are several of the lubricants that are available as a pump that had only been available previously in a tub or in a squeeze bottle, which some consumers found difficult to access in the heat of many moments. The solution was different packaging that requires no stopping, flipping, or squeezing.

Boy Butter Warming is an organic lube that is coconut oil based and is a cream that lasts longer than many of the oil and silicone based competitors out there. This lubricant produces a warming sensation when it is rubbed which many people find very stimulating. Even though this one is based with coconut oil, it still washes off easily after the fun is done with water alone. Since the coconut oil is used as its base, it is not compatible with latex, so a polyurethane condom is encouraged.

Also available in the new E Z Pump is the Boy Butter H2O. This is the first water based cream lubricant of its kind that is offered in this kind of packaging. The lube is not sticky, not messy, and is attractively scented. It is also the first cream lubricant to be completely safe for use with latex. As if that was not

impressive enough, it is also gentle enough to be used for vaginal intercourse. There are no oils in this formula. Instead there is Shea Butter, extract, and Vitamin E in it. This creates the effect of oils without the oils! It washes off with only water, is safe to use with sex toys, and will not stain your linens, fabrics, or bed sheets.

Boy Butter Extreme is also available in a 5 oz. pump. This product is a desensitizing lubricant that is oil based. It is designed for use without latex condoms, and is made with 7.5 percent Benzocaine, which is the highest amount that is allowable by law. Benzocaine is used as a local anesthetic. The desensitizing properties encourage a longer journey to climax to make sexual activity last longer.

his product is also blended with organic silicone, which is a common ingredient that is found in detangling shampoos and conditioners for use on the hair. This lubricant is made to be washed off easily with water. Many people recommend this product for those who enjoy advanced sexual activities such as using large toys and fisting. Many fans of the Boy Butter line of personal lubricants are very excited to now have the pump to have easy access to their favorite lube when they need it the most.
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