Aloe Vera

Acemannan And Aloe Vera
By Zachary Thompson -
The plant has been known for centuries as the healing plant. Recently, it has been rediscovered and much research has been done on it. Countless examples have indeed shown that it does have the ability to help wounds heal. However, as scientists have done more research on the plant, it has been revealed that there are even more benefits to this “miracle” plant than was previously supposed.

The parts from the that are used are the gel from its succulent leaves. This is applied to burns and open wounds with varying results. The seeds are also edible.

It also has the ability to help our immune systems and digestive tract. Analysis of the plant has shown that one of the reasons for its healing power is that it contains a glyconutrient, in the form of Mannose.

Acemannan is a derivative of Mannose. It is known as a second-generation glyconutrient agent. It is in fact a polysaccharide made from monosaccharides from the plant. It can be used in the following forms; powdered saccharide supplements, topical gels, and juice. It contains no fats or proteins. Acemannan is in fact the main ingredient of Aloe Vera.

Because Acemannan is not digestible in the small intestines, it passes straight through to the large intestine.

Here it is fermented and broken down by microorganisms. Acemannan helps to stimulate the immune system. It has been found to increase resistance to fungal infections and some flu virus. Tests done in 1997, proved Acemannan to be helpful in fighting infections. Tests have also been done to see if Acemannan is effective against some cancers and as a tumor inhibitor.

These tests have been successful with cats and dogs, showing some shrinkage of tumors, but more research work is needed to bring a positive conclusion. The experiments have not been done on human subjects, as yet.

Aloe Vera is now found in many cosmetics and is touted as a substance that is good for your skin. It is especially popular in hand and face cream for treatment of dry and cracking skin. It has also found its way into shampoos and soaps. However, the best way to really use this substance is to obtain it directly from the plant. These plants are easy to grow and maintain. They are actually desert succulents; so should not be over watered or exposed to freezing temperatures.

Acemannan itself is available as a diet supplement. As always, with any diet supplement, you should consult your doctor before you start taking it. By in large, there are little or no side effects, but it is always good to be safe.
Zach Thompson is a Glyconutrients Representative. His clients range from actresses to pro athletes. You can get a free Glyconutrients consultation by visiting their site.

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