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How To Choose A Good Herbal Colon Cleanser
By Alfred Johnsons
Colon disease and colon cancer have became one of the most common health problems in U.S. recently. This issue has caused many companies to develop their unique colon cleansing programs and products. According to some researches, more than 100 different colon cleansers could be found in the market. These products and programs include the ones that work and those that don't.

Getting yourself equipped with knowledge to choose good colon cleansers for yourself has became extremely important! The colon cleansers in the market can be generally categorized into 2 different kinds: herb-based and oxygen-based. Herb-based or herbal colon cleanser is highly recommended because it is safer and it has many other functions besides colon cleansing.

Here are 5 tips available for you to choose a good herbal colon cleanser:

Tip 1: Ask yourself this important question

"Is this is the first time cleansing your colon?" If the answer is 'Yes', a simple colon cleansing program is definitely not sufficient. You need a complete program that could cleanse the colon thoroughly and contain herbs that are able to eliminate parasites from your body. Product with natural herbs which has the effect of mild laxatives such as cascara sagrada are recommended.

Tip 2: Any laxative?

Most herbal colon cleansers contain herbal ingredients which have laxative effects such as cascara sagrada. These products will promote bowel movements and encourage the body to eliminate impacted fecal matter and toxic built-up from our body. However, it is not recommended that you

take it for more than 7 consecutive days because your body might rely on it and become less effective in eliminating wastes.

Tip 3: Is it Natural?

Are the ingredients included all-natural? Natural ingredients are highly recommended because it reduces the risk of having side effects while colon cleansing.

Tip 4: Are there any extra 'Bonuses'?

Besides eliminating unwanted wastes, toxins and parasites, many products come with extra herbal ingredients that could promote the health and improve your colon, liver and kidney. Some of these common ingredients include friendly bacteria, aloe vera, etc. These ingredients are not necessary to colon cleansing but it is very beneficial to our body. If the product contains such ingredients, the product has more value compare to another simple product.

Tip 5: Does it kill parasites?

It is important to eliminate parasites away from our body. These parasites might come from the meat, vegetables, contaminated water and our pets. They might cause problems to our body silently. Get herbal colon cleansers that are able to eliminate such parasites is important especially if this is the first time you cleanse your colon.

Here's another tip which conclude the whole article: Price. This might be a tip because you might already know how to compare prices. However, it is always remember to understand the functions before jumping right to the price. Products with more functions and benefits usually come with a higher price. It is not wise to compare prices between products which contain different functions.
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