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By John Tate01
Aloe King is located in the sub-tropical Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. Our vision was to bring farm fresh to the mainstream consumer market in its most natural form. This concept is unique in contrast to the many aloe juices, elixirs, and health supplements containing aloe in the markets today. Our ability to grow, harvest, and ship daily enables our farm fresh Aloe King leaves to reach the produce markets on a timely and consistent basis. For those who want only the purest form of aloe to reap the many benefits of this miracle plant, Aloe King has stepped up to the challenge. Our Texas farming, processing, and manufacturing operation has provided pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade processed aloe fillets for many of the aloe companies who do not have their own farms.

Aloe Vera is a plant belonging to the lily family (liliceae). There are over 200 different species of aloe growing in the dry regions of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Aloe resembles a cactus in appearance but it is actually a perennial succulent. Stiff, lance-shaped leaves with a sharp apex and spiny edges characterize these plants. The colors of the leaves vary from gray to bright green and some species even have striped leaves. Yellow or red tube shaped flowers are produced on leafless stems are generally densely clustered. The size of the flower stem can be

as small as a few inches and as large as several feet.

Today, the plant is still used by many people of many countries who maintain that it is nature’s “cure-all” for an un-ending list of ills. Undoubtedly there is an explanation. The juice of this plant is often added to drinks in cases of congestion and to prevent and counteract colic. It has also been used to purify water since its chemical properties remove chlorine and fluoridation taste. The leaves of the plant are sometimes used for the treatment of infections of the skin and contusions, rheumatism, arthritis, and aching joints. It is said the pulp is used in the treatment of tumors, ulcers, open sores, ringworms, boils, acne, allergy rashes, psoriasis, itching, burns and scalds, insect stings and poison ivy. The gel of Aloe Vera, when blended with milk and papaya, is believed to help kidney infections, sluggish livers, dysentery, stomach ulcers, and colitis.

Aloe Vera or “the first aid plant” as some people call it, is widespread throughout the tropics but its effectiveness as a plant with curative powers is reported throughout the world. The word “Vera” means “true” and is so named because of about 200 species of Aloe, only is considered by some people to have the best medical properties. For more than 3,000 years, has been reportedly used for medical purposes.
We are providing these product Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Juice, Aloe Leaves, Aloe Vera Leaves, Pure Aloe Juice in our country.This concept is unique in contrast to the many, elixirs, and health supplements containing aloe in the markets today.

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