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Severe Acne Treatment Choices: How To Decide!
By Jim DeSantis
There is a lot of hype about severe acne treatments. Movie stars and pitchmen alike are pushing the newest and very expensive solutions they claim will give you radiant skin in a matter of weeks. There are hundreds of websites, too, that have the "latest and the greatest" home remedies. Here is what you really need to know before you spend your money needlessly.

If you suffer from acne, zits, whitehead pimples and blackheads, you likely are desperate to find an easy cure for face acne, back acne, even acne in some private places on your body. As you know, from personal experience, there are almost too many acne skin care programs around. For those of you who need some direction or are new acne victims, let me give you 4 broad categories of acne skin care products that might help you in your search for a solution.

1. There is, of course, preventative or mild acne skin care products.
2. Non-prescription or drug store remedies.
3. Targeted acne skin care by prescription from your doctor or dermatologist.
4. Home remedies.

The first category of products are aimed at preventing acne altogether or, at the least, preventing acne from becoming rampant and ruining your quality of life and relationships. These are general acne skin care products such as lotion, Dove soap, Oil of Olay, and the like.

This category also includes skin cleansers, make-up removers and similar products that can help prevent pimples, zits, and blackheads by unclogging skin pores, one of the main factors that facilitate the start of acne. To be honest, these acne skin care products should always be part of a daily skin cleaning routine, whether or not you have acne, because they act against the causes of acne by limiting the formation of skin oil which prevents the clogging of skin pores. Basically, these acne skin care products prevent the oil from getting trapped in pores and hence hamper the growth of bacteria that lead to acne.

There is also a group of mild acne skin care products that are known as exfoliates. These act like a chemical skin peel but are much milder. In effect, these products peel away dead skin cells to make way for new cells which appear as fresh and smooth skin. If you have severe acne, however, these mild solutions will not help very much because they are

mainly designed to prevent severe acne in the first place.

There are a number of over-the-counter products that are more specialized. These are more expensive and make some big promises. These include products that are designed to extract the extra oil from the skin. Most of these acne skin care products contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid as active ingredients, both of which are the enemies of acne-causing bacteria.

A word of caution here: Read the labels! You should start with an acne treatment product that has lower concentration of benzoyl peroxide, about 5% by volume, and see how your skin reacts to it. Another solution may be alpha-hydroxy-acid based skin moisturizers. Again, these are compounds are designed to attack acne bacteria and have become very popular because they work in mild cases.

There are a number of these non-prescription products being advertised so try a few to find the right acne skin care product that is effective for your skin. Failing to find a solution thus far, it may be time to go to the last resort - a skin care professional.

Only your doctor or dermatologist should be consulted for severe or chronic acne. Only they can prescribe acne skin care products that will most closely address your particular level of this terrible affliction. Some prescription solutions include topical creams or ointments that can be applied directly top the affected area. There are also oral medications for the most severe pimples or inflamation.

Your doctor or dermatologist could also suggest minor or major surgical procedures such as plastic surgery, dermabrasion, or chemical peels. These are the most expensive solutions unless they are covered under your health insurance as medically necessary. Your doctor could also prescribe a hormone-based treatment, since hormonal changes are also known to cause acne. Such severe acne treatments are known to be very effective in some cases.

Another word of caution: To avoid scarring and to prevent further bacterial infection, never try to squeeze pimple or blackheads. This is a sure way to make the problem much worse and lead to permanent damage of your skin.

Some of the simplest solutions to try are various home remedies. There are too many to mention here but you can find ample information on the Internet.
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